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Dickens on Custom

A wise philosopher asked “what has more power in directing the course of our lives, reason or custom?” Reading A Tale of Two Cities cannot but convince one that custom is by far the predominant influence. Take this passage for … Continue reading

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Waking Up

As we were discussing the Decalogue in my Ethics class the other day, a question came up which struck me with new force. I say “struck me with new force” because I think the last time the question struck me … Continue reading

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One World in Common

The waking have one world in common, whereas each sleeper turns away to a private world of his own. I think I need to write a song with that title. Sounds like a perfect song for some sort of world … Continue reading

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Rarely divide into more than two or three!

Unless of course one is serving cake, the classically educated mind will rarely ever divide something into more than two or three. This rule of logic as strange to some ears as it may be is loaded with profound truth … Continue reading

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