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In Hac Die Laetissima! Christmas Dinner 2016

Ah, Christmas Dinner…which I now post only at the request of two dear friends and former students of mine. They suggested that it also might be a way to cheer up the atmosphere of Lionandox.com since the last pre-election post … Continue reading

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A Third Reason Why Philosphy is The Best and Most Noble Music

Let’s see if we can make this argument quickly and effectively! We have given two reason why Socrates said that “Philosophy Is The Best And Most Noble Music.” We now present a third. Maybe there are more than three? But … Continue reading

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“The noblest and best music”

In light of the prior post we really can’t avoid asking the question “for what reasons did Socrates say that philosophy is the noblest and best of music?” (Socrates…I guess it must be Socrates, or at least a bust of … Continue reading

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Liberal education, Aristotle and Catharsis

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