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The Purpose of Classical Education – An Unintended Dialogue

Every so often we need to remind ourselves of the point of a classical education. As readers of these pages know, the phrase classical education is just a clever way to cloak our real meaning which is Liberal Education. But present fashions dictate … Continue reading

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Want a Job at Google? Get a Liberal Education!

All of us over here at Lion & Ox just love liberal education. We think that liberal education is for everybody. everybody We think that the object of every primary and secondary school and college should be to offer a … Continue reading

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Slavery to Custom

Custom is a tyrant. I am well aware of the fact that this saying is not original to me. But the truth of it is becoming clearer and clearer to me with each passing year. Most of us are well … Continue reading

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Modern education and Specialization…a digression

Among the chief marks by which the “modern school” distinguishes itself from the “classical school” is its adherence to the educational doctrine that proposes specialization as a virtue. The doctrine of “specialization” asserts that every student ought to become a … Continue reading

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Here’s a million dollars…now do you still want to go to school?

I ask my students students from time to time why they want to “get an education.” These days the expected answer is of course “so that I can get a good job and make a great deal of money.” “Great!” … Continue reading

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Learning Latin

Among the many reasons to learn Latin the least important (although a sufficient reasons in itself) is to learn how to speak Latin. A much better reason to learn Latin is to learn how to speak (and write) English! Learning … Continue reading

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