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Easter Feasting!

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Easter Morning with Claudio Casciolini

Part One and Two of Easter Sunday morning Mass. (unfortunately, the live feed was interrupted after the second reading and so the sequence -Victimae Paschali as well as the Gospel were cut) With fond remembrance for my old organ and … Continue reading

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Pagan Greeks Saw Easter Coming 500 Years Before It Happened!

Sorrow! Sorrow! Very few days pass but that we don’t hear of some new sorrow. A job is lost, a troubled marriage…a near relation passes away, serious illness falls, dashing promises and hopes…a calamity strikes affecting the national interest…a friend loses his … Continue reading

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Easter Brunch – Resurrexit!

Happy Easter to all! Easter Brunch 2015! I will let the photos tell the story.

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Bottling Day

The English Pale Ale is now bottled and safely tucked away in a corner of my kitchen awaiting the Resurrection. Lent is a great time for bottling beer if for no other reason than the continual reminder it provides us … Continue reading

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Alleluia! In Resurrectione Tua

Happy Easter! And here are two gifts for you in keeping with our annual Easter Sunday tradition! First an exultation. Second a great piece of Easter music for you to commence (or continue) the celebrations! This is the day the … Continue reading

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Alleluia Continued! Twice Baked Potatoes and Roast Beef

Easter. Brunch Menu: Eggs Benedict on a substratum of thick roasted bacon atop a slice of fresh tomato on an English muffin, Mango-Papaya-Pineapple fruit salad, with coffee cake, coffee and mimosa! Dinner Menu: Roast Beef in an onion marinade, Twice … Continue reading

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