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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I have often repeated the words of a wise teacher, who has now passed on from this dusty earth straight to heaven. (nonetheless I will still continue to send prayers up for his soul in grateful memory of the benefits … Continue reading

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Homerus Omnes Docuit

Every serious discussion about Catholic Liberal Education (which I call “Catholic Classical Education” sheerly for marketing purposes) must perforce dwell at considerable length from time to time on Homer and his works- especially the Iliad and the Odyssey. And this is because, as … Continue reading

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Dickens on Custom

A wise philosopher asked “what has more power in directing the course of our lives, reason or custom?” Reading A Tale of Two Cities cannot but convince one that custom is by far the predominant influence. Take this passage for … Continue reading

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Wisdom is Liberal

Well I hate to say it, but the second (or third) characteristic of wisdom is that it is liberal. But of course we don’t mean ‘liberal’ as in ‘Teddy Kennedy liberal.’ We mean liberal as opposed to servile or what … Continue reading

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Liberal Education Works

The late philosopher Marcus Berquist once made a remark about how working with ones hands has a significant value for the one pursuing philosophy. I wish I could remember his words exactly- but the point was that hard work never … Continue reading

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Before discussing what liberal education frees us for,  it is a good time to recapitulate what Liberal education what if frees us from  as well as how it frees us from the things that it free us. First we say … Continue reading

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Slavery to Error

Liberal education proposes ultimately union with Christ the Truth who will set us free. But it proposes that we achieve this freedom in the order of grace through achieving, insofar as we are able, freedom in the order of nature. … Continue reading

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Political Custom

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Geographical Custom

I am finding it a little difficult to give an exhaustive description of each of the three kinds of slavery to custom (that we mentioned here). For example it is difficult to make a distinction between the customary ideas we … Continue reading

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Temporal Custom

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