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Liberal Education Works

As a teacher at a prestigious Catholic classical high school,  I have been thinking a great deal about floor joists, plywood widths, cast iron pipe and tile.  Why? Well…it’s summer, and this is just what classical teachers do in the … Continue reading

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Where And When Was Catholic Classical Education Revived?

The Lion and Ox did not make a mention in this recent article put out by the folks at CNN. I think it is a pretty good report generally. It is about as good a description as one could expect … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of Education and The Lion and Ox

“The Lion and Ox” was very pleased to be quoted by Ken Connor who is a co-author of “Sinful Silence: When Christians Neglect Their Civic Duty.”  He is also Chairman of the Center for a Just Society. Mr. Connor apparently … Continue reading

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The Vision of Beauty

It’s tough to claim that I am totally unbiased here, but I really do think that the American artist Carl Schmitt is someone that has provided all of us with something with which to feast our weary souls… souls starving … Continue reading

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Inagua Sharpie Update…Liberal Education Works?

Well, the Inagua is coming along slowly. We (i.e. my son and I) were hoping to have it done already but that just goes to show how little we (well I should say “I”) know about all those little details that … Continue reading

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Berkeley… Here We Go Again!

Well, what is summer for except for dabbling in the writings of “Enlightenment Thinkers?” I enjoy this particularly because it is kind of like investigating a crime scene…”Who Killed Liberal education?” For the past several years I have been heaping … Continue reading

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Major In Business or Philosophy?

I am by no means an expert in the history of philosophy (although I feel pretty comfortable with what happened between the three hundred years, say… between 624 B.C. and 322 B.C.) But just what happened afterwards begins to get slightly … Continue reading

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The Lyceum: Making the Extraordinary Ordinary

Yesterday The Lyceum celebrated its Ninth Annual Commencement Exercises and as is now traditional the day began with Holy Mass. I think an alternate motto for The Lyceum should be “making the extraordinary ordinary” because that is what happens just … Continue reading

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