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“A Masterpiece of God”

Over there at that classy blog site  (which is devoted to the works and thought of the late American Artist Carl Schmitt) you will find an excellent article entitled “A masterpiece of God.” Be sure to click on the green text which … Continue reading

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“A masterpiece of God”

“A masterpiece of God”.

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What Should I Do With Myself?

That title is an attention grabber isn’t it? But as you will see it is entirely relevant to our discussion concerning why the question “Does Nature Act For and End?” is a very interesting question. (See reason #2 below!) So … Continue reading

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Four Reasons Why “Does Nature Act For An End?” Is A Very Good Question

Today I mean to simply to go straight to the point. There will be no interruptions and I won’t even be taking questions! I find that this is the only way to really get things done. Sometimes we like to … Continue reading

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Does Nature Act For A Purpose?

The title of this post is “Does Nature Act For A Purpose?” And it is a post that I have been wanting to post for some weeks now, mainly because there are some ideas in my head that I have … Continue reading

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Who Is The Wisest Person In The World?

I think I know who the wisest living person is in the world and as luck would have it, I happen to know him personally. (hint: besides Our Lord) But I hesitate to tell you this and am even hesitant … Continue reading

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Patriotism the Classical Way

In the spirit of the day Jeffrey Mirus wrote an excellent article over there at “Catholic Culture” Patriotism, Tempered and Pure. His essay ends with these sage words (my comments in bold): This Catholic awareness of a higher duty and a higher love … Continue reading

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