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Christmas 2017: Feast Edition!

Although Christmas day itself has passed, nonetheless the Church insists that we keep up the celebration! As obedient sons and daughters, ours is the task to celebrate the feast as heartily as possible for as long as we can – … Continue reading

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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I have often repeated the words of a wise teacher, who has now passed on from this dusty earth straight to heaven. (nonetheless I will still continue to send prayers up for his soul in grateful memory of the benefits … Continue reading

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Concrete Thoughts

Liberal education works! I have been thinking about this for several weeks as I renovate the second floor kid’s bathroom, and the thought provides me with no end of pleasure (and humor) when I think about the two senses in which it is true. … Continue reading

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Liberal Education Works Vol: 17

Ahhhhhhhhh…..Summer 2015! And what is it that the liberally educated man does during those lazy hazy days of summer? Does he spend his summer like a Greek or a Roman? Does he sip iced tea, reading Aristotle’s Ethics reclining in a deck chair on … Continue reading

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I Can See Clearly Now

Who says that the Liberal Artist isn’t practical? Who says that teaching Latin, Shakespeare and St. Thomas will not equip a man for life in this world? Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could be further from the truth! Au contraire! You may … Continue reading

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Forty Days For Fermentation

As it is the first week of Lent I am congratulating myself on the steps that I have taken to prepare well for Easter. First I have made the usual meaningful but ordinary commitments towards keeping my Lenten resolutions. Here … Continue reading

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Liberal Education And Piano Repair: Beware You Specialists!

You and I both know that Liberal Education is the antidote to nearly every problem in life. Liberal education is to the dry mind what balm is to cracked skin. Liberal education is to the tortured soul what Aloe Vera … Continue reading

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Inagua Sharpie Finished!

Imagine my pleasure to be featured on Jeff Spira’s blog! Thanks Jeff for all your help. Thanks for the design and the continual support you gave answering dozens of questions along the way. All this for about 75 bucks! I … Continue reading

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Want a Job at Google? Get a Liberal Education!

All of us over here at Lion & Ox just love liberal education. We think that liberal education is for everybody. everybody We think that the object of every primary and secondary school and college should be to offer a … Continue reading

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“Liberal Arts Is Best Preparation for Business Careers…”

Speaking of secondary reasons to pursue a liberal education, did I mention that pursuing the liberal arts is the best preparation for a successful career? For those of you who are still wavering on this point, don’t take my word for … Continue reading

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