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Inagua Sharpie Update

Huzzah! The framing is complete! Now I need to “fair” the boat. This is of course the term that professional boat builders use. What they mean is that one has to sand the  frame down so that the exterior wood can be … Continue reading

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On Writing Letters of Recommendation

  I have only met one person that really expressed true regret about a specific educational decision – and that was his decision to attend a fairly prestigious Catholic college somewhere in Massachusetts. He said that the experience almost drove him … Continue reading

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The Good Student is Like Earth

In his Commendation and Division of Sacred Scripture (which I, for one, plan to spend more time upon!) St Thomas quotes psalm 103 “You water the hills from your upper rooms, the earth is sated with the fruit of your … Continue reading

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Fourteen Foot Inagua Sharpie

What man is there who doesn’t want to “weigh anchor” and find his natural freedom over the water… like the Spirit that “Hovered over the waters?” Now I am not saying that the Holy Spirit was hovering in an Inagua Sharpie – … Continue reading

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The Death of the Universal: A Dialogue with Mr. Locke

In his essay entitled “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” John Locke, the seventeenth century English “enlightenment” thinker who had vast influence on other thinkers like Voltaire and Rousseau and of course on the American Revolutionaries like Samuel Adams, James Otis … Continue reading

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One Caveat About Choosing a Major

When I first made the decision to become a teacher I don’t think I quite realized to just what extent that decision would focus and concentrate my daily thoughts upon one subject; I didn’t realize that the vast majority of my thoughts … Continue reading

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California, Liberal Education and Single Malt Scotch!

Last Saturday I attended my daughter’s graduation from Thomas Aquinas College. The campus is beautiful, the weather perfect, the people are smart, wholesome, good and everyone is beautiful for some reason. Maybe the soul really is the substantial form of the body! … Continue reading

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Fr.C. John McCloskey on Carl Schmitt

Wow! This article about Stephanie’s grandfather was a welcome surprise!! Here are a couple paintings that Fr. McCloskey featured Madonna in Black Kerchief by Carl Schmitt (1889-1989) The Sower by Carl Schmitt (1889-1989)

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Life on The Rock

  Ok….well how many times does one get to be on cable TV? I guess this will have to count for my 30 seconds of fame.  Actually I am not certain that it added up to 30…maybe 15 seconds…. But … Continue reading

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“Let There Be an Accidental Unity”

(an accidental unity…I don’t think so!) Classical Education is all about providing students with a good beginning; most especially a good beginning in the intellectual life; a good beginning with regard to the mind of the student in its encounter … Continue reading

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