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Open Letter to My Daughter(s)

Is there anyone who was not profoundly touched by the flurry of open letters that loving parents wrote to their daughters concerning the recent election of our new president? (for example here and here and here) Ms. Sallie Krawcheck consoles her daughter after the … Continue reading

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Learning Latin

Now I admit that the last post was on the silly side. I am still kind of embarrassed about it. The Latin itself would probably best be described as some kind of Latin doggerel. You will be relieved to know that … Continue reading

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Why Study Latin?

This week marked the 50th anniversary of Pope Blessed John XXIII’s Apostolic Constitution Veterum Sapientiae DE LATINITATIS STUDIO PROVEHENDO – On the Promotion of the study of Latin- This document is absolutely wonderful. I love it! Pope John XXIII is … Continue reading

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Urbi et Orbi

God bless Our Holy Father Benedict XVI who delivered his Urbi et Orbi address today with striking eloquence and poignant clarity! Allow me to share three paragraphs. (the whole text is available at Catholic Culture) “This is how Christ is … Continue reading

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