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Fr.C. John McCloskey on Carl Schmitt

Wow! This article about Stephanie’s grandfather was a welcome surprise!! Here are a couple paintings that Fr. McCloskey featured Madonna in Black Kerchief by Carl Schmitt (1889-1989) The Sower by Carl Schmitt (1889-1989)

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The First Reason Why Philosophy Is The Best And Noblest Music

The first reason why philosophy is the best and noblest music is taken from what music shares with all the fine arts but has in a preeminent degree. All the fine arts are works of reason. (I prefer to say that … Continue reading

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Modern education and Specialization…a digression

Among the chief marks by which the “modern school” distinguishes itself from the “classical school” is its adherence to the educational doctrine that proposes specialization as a virtue. The doctrine of “specialization” asserts that every student ought to become a … Continue reading

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Learning Latin

Among the many reasons to learn Latin the least important (although a sufficient reason in itself) is to learn how to speak Latin. A much better reason to learn Latin is to learn how to speak (and write) English! Learning … Continue reading

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