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The Civil War Did Not End These Four Kinds of Slavery.

The bad news is that the Civil War did not put an end to slavery. Sure, the Civil War did end the apparent and visible slavery that made legal the ownership of human beings by other human beings, whereby the … Continue reading

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The Hidden Harmony Is Better Than The Apparent Harmony.

One of Plato’s teachers was Cratylus who in turn was a disciple of Heraclitus who was the author of the title of this post: “The hidden harmony is better than the apparent harmony.” Not surprisingly the central character in Plato’s … Continue reading

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Cave Dwellers

All of these people are cave dwellers. They live in the gloomy cave that Socrates describes in Book VII of The Republic (see http://www.historyguide.org/intellect/allegory.html). They are all looking at the wall in front of them upon which there are shadows … Continue reading

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