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Why Scientists Are Still Trustworthy

Let’s not think poorly of the scientists and epidemiological statisticians for scaring the hell out of the American public by their prediction of a possible 2,200,000 deaths in the United States. Plus, doesn’t it feel so much better that we … Continue reading

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The Brain: Organ of Thought? A Dialogue Part 2

Socrates: I trust that you enjoyed your meal. Langley: Yes very much thank you. Socrates: Then we may as well proceed where we left off. Langley: I agree, then we shall….but wait….we must remindĀ ourselves of the question. Do you perchance … Continue reading

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The Good Student is Like Earth

In his Commendation and Division of Sacred Scripture (which I, for one, plan to spend more time upon!) St Thomas quotes psalm 103 “You water the hills from your upper rooms, the earth is sated with the fruit of your … Continue reading

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“Let There Be an Accidental Unity”

(an accidental unity…I don’t think so!) Classical Education is all about providing students with a good beginning; most especially a good beginning in the intellectual life; a good beginning with regard to the mind of the student in its encounter … Continue reading

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Schools…What’s the Difference?

At some point one begins to wonder what the real difference is between the education offered at the prestigious $25,000+ per year private school and the conventional garden variety public school? Garden Variety Public School Prestigious Private School Or for … Continue reading

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Is Water H2O?

And I shall tell thee another thing. There is no substance of any of all the things that perish, nor any cessation for them of baneful death. They are only a mingling and interchange of what has been mingled. Substance … Continue reading

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How Must Wisdom be Loved?

On this second day of Christmas, what better thing than to meditate upon Wisdom whose birthday we have just celebrated and draw attention to the fact that He must be loved in the same four ways that the philosopher loves … Continue reading

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Lorenz on “truth for its own sake”

While his researches may have a significant human value, and although he is willing to discuss them in those terms, Lorenz strongly resents having to justify them. Like the true observer that he is, he does his watching, and reports … Continue reading

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Konrad Lorenz and “The Language of Animals”

Konrad Lorenz’s King Solomon’s Ring is fantastic reading for students in seventh grade and above. Like Jean Henri Fabre, Lorenz is a disciple of nature and a son of Heraclitus when he says: “wisdom is to speak the truth and … Continue reading

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The phrase “Catholic Education” is a redundancy.

The cultivation of the intellect is a Catholic enterprise. All education, insofar as it is authentic education, is Catholic. And therefore, when we speak about the Catholic principles of education we are, in truth, speaking about nothing other than the … Continue reading

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