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Why Has Education Collapsed?

Over the course of my thirty years as an unwitting member of a loosely knit community that might even amount to a ‘movement’-an education reform movement-I have certainly met many whom I feel fortunate to call friends, who care deeply … Continue reading

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History and Poetry

What has more the character of a scientist, the poet or the historian? That question might appear rather odd I suppose, because in our day we are accustomed to limit the word “scientist” only to those who wear some kind … Continue reading

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Lorenz on “truth for its own sake”

While his researches may have a significant human value, and although he is willing to discuss them in those terms, Lorenz strongly resents having to justify them. Like the true observer that he is, he does his watching, and reports … Continue reading

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Let’s pretend we’re all scientists!

Anyone who has studied history or philosophy will necessarily have become aware of various curiosities affecting the way people have spoken and expressed themselves in various times. I am not speaking about the various languages that people speak but rather … Continue reading

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Jean Henri Fabre and the Purpose of Mountains

Even though Jean Henri Fabre is best known for his prolific writings and investigations of the insect world, I am enjoying his work on the earth, This Earth of Ours, in which he discusses the entire inanimate world around us. … Continue reading

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