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I Can See Clearly Now

Who says that the Liberal Artist isn’t practical? Who says that teaching Latin, Shakespeare and St. Thomas will not equip a man for life in this world? Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could be further from the truth! Au contraire! You may … Continue reading

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Catholic Classical Education Is About Life

Catholic classical education, by the way, is primarily ordered to life. The whole point of classical education is life. To spread life. To increase life. To enrich life. To propagate and widen its extension. To deepen it and strengthen it. … Continue reading

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Wisely and Slow: Salutary Advice For Students In The New Year

ROMEO O, let us hence; I stand on sudden haste. FRIAR LAURENCE Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast. Students in general grow impatient with the advice of Friar Laurence. I don’t blame them. I, too, sometimes find myself wanting answers … Continue reading

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Six Characteristics By Which To Identify The Wisest Man

As Heraclitus said (and we never tire of repeating) “If you do not expect the unexpected you will never find it, for it is hard to find and inaccessible.” This is certainly a wise statement. A clear example of its … Continue reading

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Does Nature Act For A Purpose?

The title of this post is “Does Nature Act For A Purpose?” And it is a post that I have been wanting to post for some weeks now, mainly because there are some ideas in my head that I have … Continue reading

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Inagua Sharpie Update…Liberal Education Works?

Well, the Inagua is coming along slowly. We (i.e. my son and I) were hoping to have it done already but that just goes to show how little we (well I should say “I”) know about all those little details that … Continue reading

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The Good Student is Like Earth

In his Commendation and Division of Sacred Scripture (which I, for one, plan to spend more time upon!) St Thomas quotes psalm 103 “You water the hills from your upper rooms, the earth is sated with the fruit of your … Continue reading

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History and Poetry II

In his Poetics, Aristotle asserts that the poet does something that is actually more scientific than the historian. This is rather a shock to us who live in a time whose intellectual fashion compels us to think just the reverse. Although not … Continue reading

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Wisdom is Not a Human Possession

As one reads through the little section on St Thomas Aquinas’ commentary on the Metaphysics where he sets forth the four attributes of wisdom (from which we have been shamelessly borrowing- without even the slightest acknowledgement), one runs across this … Continue reading

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The Three Catharses

Our current endeavor is to discuss how it is that liberal education frees a person from slavery, and even more specifically how it frees a person from the slavery to passion. In chapter 6 of the Poetics, Aristotle gives us … Continue reading

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