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Wisely and Slow: Salutary Advice For Students in the New Year II

Today is an excellent day for me to post the salutary advice that I have gathered from the wisest man in the world, with whom, as I have mentioned before, I have a direct (but carefully guarded) line of communication. … Continue reading

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Learning Latin

Now I admit that the last post was on the silly side. I am still kind of embarrassed about it. The Latin itself would probably best be described as some kind of Latin doggerel. You will be relieved to know that … Continue reading

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Speaking Latin? Humbug!

  Tu Interrogas: “O Marce de Campo Longo, Potesne dicere aut loqui Latine? Respondeo (iocose et cum levitate): “Primo, interroga me utrum cura mihi sit” vel “Primum, me interroga si mihi curare debet Tunc graviter Interrogas: “O Marce de Longo … Continue reading

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In Which the Lion and Ox Discuss the Furies

Lion:  That last post about Aeschylus’ Eumenides was too long – and frankly Langley began to lose me when he started talking about conscience. The lengthy citations were no help either. Ox: Yes, the post was rather long-winded. Langley talks … Continue reading

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