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Want a Job at Google? Get a Liberal Education!

All of us over here at Lion & Ox just love liberal education. We think that liberal education is for everybody. everybody We think that the object of every primary and secondary school and college should be to offer a … Continue reading

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Alleluia! In Resurrectione Tua

Happy Easter! And here are two gifts for you in keeping with our annual Easter Sunday tradition! First an exultation. Second a great piece of Easter music for you to commence (or continue) the celebrations! This is the day the … Continue reading

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Life Has No Meaning?

On Holy Saturday, between His death and Resurrection Our Lord is engaged in what the medievals called the “Harrowing of Hell.” He descended into the Netherworld and freed all those just souls from their captivity to whom the gates of heaven … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With Newman!

It’s already been three years since his inauguration as the president of Catholic University of America, but I still haven’t forgiven John Garvey, for his mildly disparaging remarks about Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman. Now don’t get me wrong here. I … Continue reading

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“Liberal Arts Is Best Preparation for Business Careers…”

Speaking of secondary reasons to pursue a liberal education, did I mention that pursuing the liberal arts is the best preparation for a successful career? For those of you who are still wavering on this point, don’t take my word for … Continue reading

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Liberal Artists Make More Money

What is the first piece of advice that billionaire Harry Stine gives to aspiring entrepreneurs? Get a liberal arts degree of course! You can read it for yourself at Forbes. Stine graduated from McPherson College — a small liberal arts … Continue reading

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