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All Hail the Common Core!

Amazing! I thought that public schools could not adopt a curriculum that is any more utilitarian than they already have! But thanks to the new almost universally adopted so-called “Common Core” we can look forward to an even more pragmatic … Continue reading

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“Everyone Can Be And Should Be Given a Liberal Education”

As I was searching for a particular statement that Mortimer Adler made somewhere I found an interesting article that he wrote for the University of Chicago Magazine in 1945. I still cannot find the particular thing that he said that … Continue reading

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The Lyceum Around the Town

The other day I had the pleasure of driving down to Canton, Ohio at the invitation of the local radio station “Living Bread Radio.” My friend, colleague and director of the prestigious Lyceum Schola Cantorum , James Flood was there as well. You … Continue reading

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The Elective System in Education: A Denial That Nature Acts For An End.

As we have argued elsewhere the question “does nature act for an end” is of the utmost significance for everybody. Of the important lessons to be learned from a Catholic classical education, that nature acts for an end, is perhaps the … Continue reading

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“Active Participation” or “Actual Participation?”

There is a great article over there at newliturgicalmovement that deals with this text, significant to the worship of every Catholic: “Mother Church earnestly desires that all the faithful should be led to that full, conscious and active participation in … Continue reading

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Six Characteristics By Which To Identify The Wisest Man

As Heraclitus said (and we never tire of repeating) “If you do not expect the unexpected you will never find it, for it is hard to find and inaccessible.” This is certainly a wise statement. A clear example of its … Continue reading

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