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Day 42 The Resurrection of the Body

In this episode we commence our study of Article XI in the Creed “the resurrection of the body.” In addition to reading the Catechism, we also consider the Summa Theologica where St Thomas writes about the incorruptibility of the soul. … Continue reading

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Day 26 Useful Considerations About The Resurrection Of Christ

In this episode we conclude our study of Article V of the Apostles Creed “He Descended into Hell, The third day He rose again from the dead.” The Catechism sets forth four reasons why the resurrection is necessary: as manifesting … Continue reading

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Day 13 And in Jesus Christ His Only Son Our Lord

In this episode we discuss the opening treatment of the second Article of Faith in the Catechism of the Council of Trent: The advantages and necessity of this article of Faith. Additionally, we take a brief look at the Summa … Continue reading

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Make Your House Fair as You are Able!

What is Christmas about? What is Advent about except to prepare for and celebrate the arrival of Wisdom Himself, in the form of a little baby, into the warm hospitable stables of our own hearts! We have been doing our … Continue reading

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The Civil War Did Not End These Four Kinds of Slavery.

The bad news is that the Civil War did not put an end to slavery. Sure, the Civil War did end the apparent and visible slavery that made legal the ownership of human beings by other human beings, whereby the … Continue reading

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Are You a Slave to Fashion?

I don’t have any strong objection to men dressing according to the fashions of the 12th or 13th century if they happen to live in the 12th or 13th century. I assume the gentleman in the picture thought that he … Continue reading

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Learning in Virus Time

In a sermon delivered in the Fall of 1939 titled Learning in Wartime, C.S. Lewis asserts, every Christian who comes to a university must at all times face a question compared with which the questions raised by the war are … Continue reading

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St. John Henry Newman on Liberal Education: A Scandal

Saint John Henry Newman, speaking of the unique status of Western Civilization in the history of the world, emphatically asserts, I think it has a claim to be considered as the representative Society and Civilization of the human race, as … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need No Education

Sometimes in life we need to face difficult truths.  If we have been on the wrong side of an issue, we need to be open to change, and open to declaring an “about-face.” Even if it hurts! And so, after … Continue reading

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Classical Catholic Education and Sacred Music!

The Catholic classical school is the proper place for the formation of students in sacred music. Every student should sing. Every student can sing. No exceptions. The Church depends on it. Lyceum students demonstrated the truth of this once again! … Continue reading

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