Concerning the ill-advised changes to the Lord’s Prayer. Lionandox meets “The Catholic Current”

In light of the recent ill-advised yet “approved” inept translations/changes to the Lord’s Prayer (and the Gloria) by the Holy See for both French and Italian Catholics…what else can one do but argue for accurate translations on the radio with Fr. McTeigue?

My advice to all of you educators out there, who enjoy accurate translations of scripture…you better start teaching a little Greek to your students…. and fast!

Fr. McTeigue, of course, is the excellent host of the daily radio program “The Catholic Current” which airs every day at 5pm on “The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network.”

Image result for father mcteigue

Because he had read my post on the sixth petition of the Lord’s prayer, Father invited me to speak more about it on his daily program.

Someday I hope to be as articulate and as compelling a speaker as he is!

Here is a link to the interview!

or click on the following link:



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  1. I suspect the Holy Father is influenced by the Spanish translation (used at mass and found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church): “no nos dejes caer en la tentación,” “Do not let us fall into temptation.”

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