The Perfect Breakfast Eggs Benedictus!


What better way to return to our discussion of classical Catholic education than with an image of the perfect breakfast.

And I figure that this photo of a culinary masterpiece might also stand up competitively with some of Fr Z’s very best work- while driving my readership to new heights!

You will note the very simple Eggs Benedict atop bacon and English Muffins. The delicious coffee fresh ground Medium Roast from an oily bean brewed in my – now broken espresso/cappuccino maker (the “frother” handle snapped off-but the coffee still brews) – stands on the right and Cardinal Newman’s Apologia sits on the left. You can see that  I set the table in a hurry in my failure to consider the proper placement of the knife and fork. The truth is that I really don’t like cold eggs.

I have read bits and chunks of the Apologia before but am now making a full scale attempt to read it cover to cover. Very enjoyable, especially when he speaks about the role of pagan literature as being a sort of precursor to the Gospel. I love that. And of course his frequent quotations from Virgil are deeply stirring!

A close up of the Hollandaise sauce

About marklangley

Presently, the founding Headmaster of Our Lady of Walsingham Academy in Colorado Springs (see www. OLWclassical.org), former headmaster and Academic Dean at The Lyceum (a school he founded in 2003, see theLyceum.org) Mark loves sacred music and Gregorian Chant and singing with his lovely wife, Stephanie, and their children.
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